Color Bangor – Coming Soon to the Bangor Waterfront!

Guest column by Kelly Cotiaux.
I had never heard of a color run before but when a friend of mine on Facebook, Dianne Swanson and her Mom, Korel Roberge posted photos of a color fun-run they participated in Tempe, AZ it looked like so much fun!  From Maine to Arizona! I had met this mother and daughter team when they were living in the Bangor Region. Korel was active with the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition and Dianne was working for the Katahdin Area Boy Scouts. When Dianne left the area to follow her daughter to University of Arizona, we stayed in touch, through Facebook, of course! A couple of weeks after I had checked out Dianne’s Color Run photos, Denise from the Folk Festival was telling me about Color Bangor, which would be a fundraiser for the American Folk Festival and I couldn’t wait to learn more about it. You can see by the photos it is really a great time.

Korel and Dianne at the beginning of the race.

Korel and Dianne at the beginning of the race.

Color “Fun-Runs” are located all over the place and are slated as Family Friendly events promoting health and happiness by bringing the community together. 

Dianne and Korel at the end of their 5K.






What a perfect fundraiser for such a fun festival! Sign up now to enjoy Early Bird Rates that end April 6th! This is a great event for walkers and runners and as Dianne put it, “Just be prepared to be showered in an array of colors! Your T-shirt will start white and by the time you are done you will look like a rainbow!” I don’t know about you but I am going for the tie-dyed look!

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