Soundtrack to my summer: The American Folk Festival on Maine Internet Radio

When I think of summer in Maine I think of music. My radio is usually on, and if not, someone’s is!  Once in a while I read by the pond at Fields Pond Nature Center, and music from folks who own property near the public beach seeps out across the water, adding to the loon calls and sounds of happy swimmers wafting to my ears.  I remember going to the lake as a kid and hearing a beachgoers’ boom boxes.  And it seems there is always a song that makes us reminisce about the hot, hazy days of summer.

Recently, Maine Internet Radio resumed their American Folk Festival music stream, providing listeners with a way to connect with the groups that are performing this August as well as groups from the past twelve years of performances.  There are fiddlers, drummers, polka, bluegrass, folk, Cajun and many other genres to get your feet tapping, whether they’re under your desk at work or splashing off the dock in the waves.

Many listeners use the station as a way to gear up for the Folk Festival by familiarizing themselves with the entertainers or music style so they can plan out their Festival experience. Others dance around their kitchen to some rockabilly or Armenian, but we won’t name names.

You can find American Folk Festival Radio by navigating to and clicking on “American Folk Festival Radio” under the “streams” tab on the website.

It’s exciting that American Folk Festival Radio has returned this year to Maine Internet Radio, and it’s yet another sign that the Festival is not that far away. Mark your calendars now for August 22-24 on the Bangor Waterfront, and bookmark Maine Internet Radio on your web browser now for access to a music library of Folk Festival artists like none other. Happy listening, and I’ll see you at the American Folk Festival!

Dan Cashman

About Dan Cashman

Dan Cashman has been involved with the American Folk Festival since 2011 and is currently serving on the board of the Festival. For more information about the American Folk Festival, visit