The Maine Science Festival joins the AFF as a premiere can’t-miss event in Maine.

I’ve been going to the Folk Festival in Bangor since it started out as the National Folk Festival in 2002. I remember the excitement and the buzz that first summer. Everyone was wondering what it would be like and what kind of impact it would have on our area. Of course, it exceeded all of our expectations and going on fourteen years it just keeps getting better.

I have so many happy and fun-filled memories associated with the AFF and most of them involve my spending time with my family and friends. My three children, in particular, look forward to the Festival all year. It’s been a wondrous and magical experience for them over the years, exploring the music, dance and cultures of the world, all right on their own backyard along the Bangor Waterfront.

This weekend Bangor is host once again to another event that is bringing lots of fun and excitement to our doorsteps. The Maine Science Festival, which is a first-of-it’s-kind event in Maine and Northern New England is being held throughout Downtown Bangor on March 20-22, 2015. The festival will host more than 45 events for the weekend and will explore and celebrate the ways in which science touches our everyday lives and highlights the cutting edge work being done in our State.

Like the American Folk Festival, all events at the Maine Science Festival are free, with the exception of their headlining event, and are aimed at engaging all ages with hands on events, discussions and workshops. Best of luck to the MSF, may Bangor welcome you with the open arms that we receive every single year from our loyal attendees and volunteers!

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