Lots of ways to participate in Color Bangor — don’t wait!

Did you do it? Are you done? Are you getting an awesome team built? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about!??!

Well, thank goodness you are reading this blog right now because there is still time to register [at a reduced price, too, I might add…] for what promises to be the coolest thing you will do for months and months to come!

The American Folk Festival’s Second Annual fun run is back with flying colors… Literally!

Color Bangor is back for a second year, and it’s going to be even better than last year because there are all kinds of new ideas and – this year, Color Bangor will indeed be more kid-friendly!

Registration is STILL open, and with the amount of participation from the community last year, including the hosts at Color Village as well as the Bangor Police Department, it’s guaranteed to be a great time.

About 1,700 people joined in on the fun last year and gave this Greater Bangor community the opportunity to come together and have a blast!

While there are several different “color runs” that occur both in and out of the area, Color Bangor is community driven. As awesome as this is, it gets even better. 100% of proceeds for Color Bangor go toward making the American Folk Festival even cooler than it already is. Who doesn’t want that?

You can register online at ***LINK BELOW*** or by calling 992-2630.


I JUST built my team and did it all online – it was SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE!

From today until April 30th, the fee is just $40 [$33 if you are part of a team! JOIN MINE. It’s St Joseph Hospital – Color the Community]. If you drag your feet and wait until May 1st, the fee goes up to $50! Warmer days are coming Folks, they really are! Put this event on your calendar – something colorful to look forward to!

Color Bangor has its own Facebook page, the link is below. Like this page to get all the details of this awesome event.


See you at the Orange station! Cheers! Amy